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Title : Case 682

Age / Sex : 70 / F

Chief complaint : Urinary obstruction and intermittent urinary incontinence.

What is your diagnosis?

Two weeks later, you can see the final diagonosis with a brief discussion of this case (Please submit only one answer).

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장민영, Min-Yung Chang, 국민건강보험공단 일산병원, National Health Insurance Service Ilsan hospital



Subpubic cartilaginous cyst = suprapubic cartilaginous cyst = retropubic cartilaginous cyst



 Round cystic mass which had a broad interface with the symphysis

 Neurogenic bladder


Differential Diagnosis:




  • pubic symphysis : a nonsynovial amphiarthrodial joint that is situated at the confluence of the two pubic bones. The joint is composed of a thick fibrocartilaginous disk sandwiched between thin layers of hyaline cartilage. The pubic symphysis is reinforced by four strong ligaments; inferior pubic (or subpubic or arcuate) ligament, superior, anterior, and posterior pubic ligaments. 

  • Subcartilaginous cyst

  • rare cystic lesions arising from the symphysis pubis thought to be degenerative in origin.

  • epidemiology : multiparous and post-menopausal women.

  • Asymptomatic or urinary voiding symptoms, pelvic pain…

  • pathology : they consist of a dense fibrocartilaginous capsule internally covered by a thin layer of degenerate fibrocartilage. The lumen is filled with acellular debris and further degenerate fibrocartilage with mucin deposits

  • cystic, ganglionlike mucinous degeneration of the arcuate ligament tissue with cartilaginous metaplasia?




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