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Title : Case 679

Age / Sex : 64 / M

Chief complaint: Left shoulder pain (6MA)

  Incidentally detected bony abnormality on FU MRI

What is your diagnosis?

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Courtesy : 
최자영 (Ja-Young Choi),  서울대병원(Seoul National University Hospital)


Focal bone abnormality as a complication of ultrasound diathermy



  • Interval development of focal bone abnormality 6 months later

  • Subchondral arc lesions with low signal intensity in the superolateral humeral head on T1W and high signal intensity on T2W.

  • At the side of the bone facing the body surface

  • Without involvement of the deeper aspects of the bone marrow

  • Disappearance on 3-month FU MRI (not shown)


Differential Diagnosis: Osteonecrosis



  • Caused by thermal damage to the bone tissue

  • MR features:

  • Imaging appearance similar to focal osteonecrosis

  • Subchondral rim or arc lesions with low signal intensity on T1W and high signal intensity on T2W.

  • Usually smaller and superficially located (different from osteonecrosis)

  • Unique location

  • Superficial location without involvement of the deeper aspect of the bone marrow.

  • On the sides with thinner overlying soft tissue

  • On the side of the bone facing the body surface

  • Clinical significance

  • Usually mild and transient, with apparent full recovery after termination of therapy

  • Ultimately heal itself (mostly reversible)




  1. Yeh LR, Chen CK, Tsai MY, Teng HC, Lin KL. Focal Bone Abnormality as a Complication of Ultrasound Diathermy: A Report of Eight Cases Radiology. 2011;260(1):192-8.

  2. Kim SJ, Kang Y, Kim DA, Lim JY, Park JH, Oh JH. Focal Bone Marrow Lesions: A Complication of Ultrasound Diathermy Clinics in Shoulder and Elbow 2019;22(1):40-45.

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