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Title : Case 678

Age / Sex : 32 / M

Chief complaint : Protruding mass, left supraclavicular area, duration 6months

What is your diagnosis?

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Courtesy : 
이신우 (Sheen-Woo Lee), 가천의대 길병원 (Gachon University Gil Hospital)



Dermatofibrosaroma Protuberans



Lobular lesion, with nonspecific MR signal intensity (Isosignal intensity on T1WI, high signal intensity of T2WI, diffuse homogeneous enhancement).

Differential Diagnosis:


Angiomyxoma (but it favors pelvic and perineal area).

 Epidermoid cyst (but it does not have internal contrast enhancement).



Dermatofibrosaroma Protuberans

  • Low grade superficial malignancy

  • Approximately 6% of all soft tissue sarcoma

  • Third to fifth decade of life, M>F

  • Frequently involve the trunk (50%), proximal upper and lower extremities(20 to 40%)

  • Local recurrence rate high (10 to 60%), due to infiltration of the lesion, not detected at initial surgical resection.

  • Low rate of distant metastases (0.5 to 6%)

  • Known to have Linear extension along the skin surface or satellite nodule in adjacent soft tissue (lacking in this case)



 Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans: MR Imaging Features. AJR 2002;178:989–993



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