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Title : Case 855

Age / Sex : 22 / M

Chief complaint : palpable mass in the left thigh

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Courtesy :  이슬기 (Seul Ki Lee), 성빈센트병원 (St. Vincent’s Hospital)


synovial sarcoma


Coronal T2-weighted, fat-suppressed image shows about 3.5 × 3.9 × 5.2 cm sized multilobulated mass with heterogenous signal intensity of Lt vastus lateralis, focally involving biceps femoris muscle. The mass shows presence of T2 hyperintense areas with interfascial (or intercompartmental) extensions.
Axial T1-weighted images show multilobulated, iso-signal-intensity mass with extension to subcutaneous fat layer through iliotibial band
Axial T1-weighted, post-contrast image shows well-enhancing mass with intercompartmental extensions.
Axial DWl (b = 800) and ADC map show high signal intensity and low ADC value, suggesting diffusion restriction.

Murphey, M.D.; Gibson, M.S.; Jennings, B.T.; Crespo-Rodríguez, A.M.; Fanburg-Smith, J.; Gajewski, D.A. From the archives of the AFIP: Imaging of synovial sarcoma with radiologic-pathologic correlation. Radiographics 2006, 26, 1543–1565. 

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