Weekly Case

Title : Case 751

Age / Sex : 31 / M

Chief complaint : Pain in 4th and 5th finger

What is your diagnosis?

Two weeks later, you can see the final diagonosis with a brief discussion of this case (Please submit only one answer).

Courtesy : 김현주, Hyun-joo Kim, 순천향대학교 부속 서울병원 (Soonchunhyang University Hospital Seoul)


Calcific tendinitis of abductor digiti minimi tendon



1.Amorphous small calcification in medial aspect of triquetrum and pisiform on simple radiograph and CT.

2. Ill defined irregular shaped dark SI calcification is noted in medial aspect of triquetrum and pisiform on axial T1 and fat-sat T2 WI and coronal fat-sat T2WI with diffuse heterogenous T2 high SI change in abductor digiti minimi muscle.



1.Calcific Tendinitis of the Hand and Foot: A Report of Four Cases.  J Korean Soc Magn Reson Med. 2012;16(2):177-183.

2.Non-rotator cuff calcific tendinopathy: ultrasonographic diagnosis and treatment. J Ultrasound. 2020; 23(3): 301–315.


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