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Title : Case 748

Age / Sex : 89 / M

Chief complaint : Right lower leg pain

What is your diagnosis?

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Courtesy : 김완태 (Wan Tae Kim), 중앙보훈병원 (Veterans Health Service Medical Center)


Primary lymphoma of bone (Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma)



- Plain radiograph

  : Tibia AP view shows well defined osteolytic lesion and focal permeative change in distal diaphysis of right tibia.

- MR findings

  • T1-weighted image shows intermediate signal intensity intramedullary lesion with minimal cortical erosion of right tibia.

  • T2-weighted image shows heterogenous high signal intensity intraosseous mass lesion and soft tissue infiltration.

  • Contrast enhanced T1-weighted image demonstrates heterogenous enhancement of intraosseous and soft tissue mass.

Differential diagnosis

  1. Metastasis

  2. Osteomyelitis

  3. Osteosarcoma


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