Weekly Case

Title : Case 701

Age / Sex : 53 / F

Chief complaint : incidental fingind on abdomen CT

What is your diagnosis?

Two weeks later, you can see the final diagonosis with a brief discussion of this case (Please submit only one answer).

Courtesy : 송유선 (You Seon Song), 부산대병원 (Pusan National University Hospital)


Gossypiboma (textiloma)


  • Gossypiboma

    • A mass within the body that comprises a cotton matrix surrounded by a foreign-body reaction

    • Real incidence is unknown, but extremely rare after surgery

    • most frequently discovered in abdomen

  • Clinical manifestation

    • Variable

    • Spinal lesion

    • Nonspecific back or neck pain

    • None of the patients presented with signs of infection or required surgery urgently

    • Delays in diagnosis could increase mortality and morbidity

  • Radiographs : m/c used

    • Sponge contains a radiopaque marker

    • Whorl-like pattern

  • CT

    • In the abdomen, well-circumscribed masses with hyperdense material and show capsular enhancement

    • In the lumbar region, a mass posterior to the lamina with osteolytic change

    • osteolytic changes with marginal sclerosis may be evidence of the benign nature of the lesion and may be specific for gossypiboma around the lamina

  • MR

    • A well-defined round or ovoid mass with a fibrous capsule

    • T1-WI : a low or intermediate SI

    • T2-WI : a high signal intensity within the center of the lesion and a low signal intensity within the peripheral rim

    • CE : strong enhancement of the peripheral rim of the lesion


  • H.S. Kim, MR Imaging Findings of Paravertebral Gossypiboma, American Journal of Neuroradiology April 2007, 28 (4) 709-713

  • Takashi Kobayashi, et al., Gossypiboma 19 years after laminectomy mimicking a malignant spinal tumour: a case report, Journal of Medical Case Reports: 8, 311(2014) 

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