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Title : Case 615

Age / Sex : 35 / F

Chief complaint : palpable lesion in left proximal thigh

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Courtesy : Seok Han, Inje University Haeundae Paik Hospital



Calcific tendinitis of gluteus maximus tendon



X-ray: a relatively homogeneous and well-defined calcification deposition in posterolateral aspect of left upper thigh level

MRI: heterogenous signal intensity lesion at gluteal tuberosity of left femur with contrast enhancement in adjacent soft tissue


Differential Diagnosis:

myositis ossificans, periosteal chondral tumor, osteogenic or synovial sarcoma



Calcific tendinitis is a common disorder of the supraspinatus tendon, but less frequently, it may also involve the tendons of the gluteus maximus. Anatomically, there are two components of the tendon of the gluteus maximus muscle. The more proximal and major portion of the muscle fibers ends in a tendinous insertion on the iliotibial band of the tensor fascia lata dorsal and distal to the greater trochanter on the dorsal aspect of the femur. The gluteal tuberosity is a short ridge of bone representing the proximal and lateral extension of the linea aspera.

Clinically, most patients with acute gluteus maximus tendinitis present with severe pain in the hip and upper thigh posteriorly. On physical examination focal tenderness is elicited over the gluteal tubercle.



Skeletal Radiol. 1983;9(3):198-200.

Clin Radiol. 1998 Apr;53(4):296-301.

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김기욱 국군대전병원, 전문의
윤유성 순천향대 부천병원, 전문의
남태훈 국군서울지구병원, 전문의
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김보람 분당서울대학교병원, 전문의
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김지은 서울대학교병원, 전문의
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