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Title : Case 606

Age / Sex : 38 / F

Chief complaint : Palpable lesion in the lower back with pain

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Courtesy : 
Eugene Lee, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital



Answer: hydroxyapatite crystal deposition disease (with acute inflammation) at supraspinous ligament of L2-3 level



  • Initial plain radiograph : focal calcification at posterior aspect of spinous process (L2) inferior margin


  • MRI : T1 and T2 low signal intensity foci at supraspinous ligament of L2-3 level with adjacent soft tissue inflammatory enhancement


  • Follow-up plain radiograph : nearly resolved previous calcification at supraspinous ligament of L2-3 level on 2 months follow-up


Differential Diagnosis: none



 HADD (Hydroxyapatite crystal deposition disease)

  • HADD in the spine is found in three typical locations : (1) within the longus colli muscle, (2) surrounding the dens, and (3) within the intervertebral discs, the anterosuperior portion of the longus colli muscle is most commonly involved

  • The ligaments and apophyseal joints may also be calcified.

  • Paraspinal HADD masses can narrow the spinal canal, causing a symptomatic radiculopathy or neuropathy.

  • Paraspinal HADD may also be symptomatic due to the inflammatory response elicited by crystals.

  • MRI : HADD in tendons/ligaments has low signal on T1 and T2WIs. Sometimes there is surrounding edema, which appears on MRI as a rim of increased signal intensity on T2WIs. Combined active inflammation can be enhanced.




  • Imaging of arthritis and Metabolic Bone disease, Elsevier Health Sciences, 2009



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