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Title : Case 590

Age / Sex : 22 / F

Chief complaint : pain and joint limitation after sports injury (taekwondo)

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Courtesy : 
Dong-Ho Ha, Dong-A university Hospital



Answer: Isolated radial head posterior dislocation



Plain film 

Disruption of radiocapitellar line

: A line drawn down the neck of the radius should intersect the capitellum. It is important to ensure that you draw the line down the radial neck and not along the shaft because of the slight angulation at the neck of the radius. If the line does not intersect the capitellum, there is radial head dislocation.



Differential Diagnosis:

Radial head dislocation



Isolated radial head posterior dislocation




Isolated dislocation of the radial head without concomitant ulnar fracture or humeroulnar subluxation in adults is a rare injury.

Most of the earlier reported cases were in children and were considered Monteggia variants.

The mechanism leading to an isolated radial dislocation has been variously described. Most authors describe an indirect mechanism.

The dislocation can be occurred anteriorly and posteriorly.




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