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Title : Case 582

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Courtesy : Jang Gyu Cha, Soonchunhyang University Bucheon Hospital



Answer: right vertebral artery dissection, cerebellar infarction caused by Os odontoideum


Seperation of odontoid process of C2 vertebra and complete fusion of C2-4.

Loss of flow void artifact of right vertebral artery, showing T2 high SI, due to vertebral artery insufficiency.

High SI lesion on DW and low SI on ADC showing vermis infarction

Differential Diagnosis:


Os odontoideum and right vertebral artery dissection, cerebellar infarction


Os odontoideum presenting as atlantoaxial instability may cause symptomatic cord compression; thus, posterior fusion for stabilization is recommended in some cases. Roentogenographically, the presence of translation instability of 10 mm or

more between the atlas and the axis is considered an indication for fusion if the spinal cord symptoms are progressive.

Five cases of os odontoideum associated with pediatric cerebellar infarction have been reported.

Singer et al proposed that repeated subluxation of the atlas on axis may produce kinking, compression, stretching, and

tearing of the intima of the vertebral arteries leading to thromboembolic vertebrobasilar occlusions.

Atlantoaxial instability may cause mechanical stress to the vertebral artery as well as spinal cord injury. More

attention should be paid to the possible relation between atlantoaxial instability and vertebrobasilar artery insufficiency.


Os Odontoideum With Cerebellar Infarction A Case Report

SPINE 2000;25(9): 1178–1181

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  • 관리자 ( 2018-08-20 16:43:29 )
    atlanto-occipital assimilation, C2-3 block, os odontoideum과 함께 right vertebral artery dissection에 의한 infarction이 있었던 예로, bone abnormality와 함께 cerebellar infarction/ischemia를 함께 쓴 경우만 정답으로 하였습니다. 양해부탁드립니다.