Weekly Case

Title : Case 864

Age / Sex : 37 / F

Chief complaint : Patient with breast cancer, Neck pain

What is your diagnosis?

Two weeks later, you can see the final diagonosis with a brief discussion of this case (Please submit only one answer)

Courtesy : 이지현 (Ji Hyun Lee), 삼성서울병원 (Samsung Medical Center)


Calcific Tendinitis of Longus Colli muscle


1. Prevertebral soft tissue edema with enhancement
2. Radio-opaque nodular lesion above the anterior arch of C1

Offiah, C.E., and E. Hall. “Acute calcific tendinitis of the longus colli muscle: spectrum of CT appearances and anatomical correlation.” The British Journal of Radiology 82.978 (2009): e117-e121.

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